Episode 121 – Molded Television


In this “lost episode” (recorded late last year) your two fearless cohosts talk about TV shows that they think were/are/might be important. Perhaps they broke the mold in some way, let’s say?

The episode was missing for a while, but we eventually found it. It was in a bag of plastic recycling (just to keep the “mold” joke going. See, molded plastic is a thing. You could say that the plastic in an actual TV is injection molded. And then we talked about TV shows that…)

Our intro and outro music is the track “The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth” by the awesome band “I Fight Dragons” and is used with permission. Check out their stuff at http://ifightdragons.com

Your hosts:
Aaron LaCluyze (Cluze) @lacluyze
Rich McCann @MindM4ge

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