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Episode 052: A Deck of Cards



With special guest: Nicholas Sabin of
@team_sabin on Twitter

This time we talk about card trading and buying
Topics this time:
Card prices
Current price insanity
Best practices in trading
The role of your LGS

Some links discussed:

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Aaron LaCluyze (Cluze) @lacluyze
Rich McCann @MindM4ge

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Together We Can Have Nice Things

The record shattering GP Richmond is nearly upon us. Somewhere near 5,000 Magic players will descend on the Greater Richmond Convention Center for a weekend of fun, friends, and some serious tournament Magic. I want to take a moment and ask a favor of all of them.

Be excellent to each other.

We are all in this together, if we all do just a little bit, we can make the event more enjoyable not just for ourselves, but for our fellow Magic players.

Pick up your own trash. You know that pack of sleeves you just opened, the ones with Grumpy Cat on them? The wrapper for that pack doesn’t belong on the table you left, and it certainly doesn’t belong in the table tent. Just grab it when you stand up, and drop it in the trash can. There is likely a trash can nearby. In fact, you will probably walk by one on your way to wherever you are going next. How about the wrapper from that sub, the one you got with Fritos in it just the way you like? it also belongs in the trash. In fact, why not take that empty can of Monster you washed it down with while you are at it. It will only take you a second, and it means that someone else doesn’t have to clean up after you.  You don’t want to sit down to a match and have to deal with someone else’s trash, so don’t be the one to leave trash either.

And hey, when you do stand up and leave your table, could you push in your chair while you are at it? It won’t take much effort (unless the chairs are like the ones in Indy that weigh about 15 pounds each) and it will keep the aisle clear, so folks can get through.

All I am really asking is that we each take a small amount of personal responsibility at the event. A tiny bit of effort from all of us will make things better for all of us.

And after your match, you don’t have to be happy that you lost, but you don’t have to take it on the person who beat you. They are your opponent, not your enemy. You can’t play this game without an opponent (unless you are playing storm, then I guess sometimes you can…) but they are not some diabolical maniac whose sole desire in life is to see you suffer. It’s cool to be frustrated, but that does not mean you have to be a jerk to them. They won, you lost, fair and square.

Unless you actually think they actually cheated. In that case, call one of us, and we will take it from there.

Good luck, safe travels, and be excellent to each other.

Episode 051: And That’s A Bad Miss



Special guest: Rich Hagon! @mtgrich

Topics this time:
PT and GP Coverage
Right Place at the Right Time
A Day In the Life

Our intro and outro music is the track “The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth” by the awesome band “I Fight Dragons” and is used with permission. Check out their stuff at

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Aaron LaCluyze (Cluze)
Rich McCann

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IPG Audio Book


NOTE: There was an error in the editing of one of the files. It has been fixed now, but if you downloaded or subscribed before the fix, you may need to get the new version. It was section 2, GPE. Sorry…

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Magic Infraction Procedure Guide, or simply brush up on it? Do you find yourself without the time to read the document itself? Would you prefer to hear me read it aloud to you in audio book format, so you are free to do other things while listening?

If you answered “yes!”, I have great news. I have recorded the current (as of Feb. 2014) version of the IPG as an audio book.

This was done as a favor to a judge who wanted to be able to study the IPG while knitting, but I thought one or two other people out there might find it interesting or useful.

If you want to subscribe to this (and maybe future rules audio books?) you can use this handy link to the RSS feed:

Or, you can get the mp3 files here:

I did not bother reading the “Quick Reference” section, or the “Changes from previous versions” section. That would have been weird…